Day 5 – A Street Artist’s Dream

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We end up finding a professional camera store in which we can rent a digital camera. We are excited as it puts us back on track and we are now able to start capturing photographs and videos again.

The professional camera store staff was very friendly by suggesting some good places to visit and get some good shops. Not only did he mark them all on a map for us, but he also added a little bonus by suggesting some good bars to get some beer. I mean come on, we are in Germany!

After finishing up at the camera shop, we decide to take the advice and seek out some cool locations to take photographs. Little did we know, everywhere we went, we would find some really cool backdrop of graffiti or something unique. Along the way, Tim manages to ask several people where he could find a ‘big bench’. Of course, they all thought we were crazy and had no idea what we were talking about.

Our first stop we find an area of Berlin that was well known for having a lot of graffiti. We end up just wandering around thinking we’ve gone in circles because each street corner is similar in that it is littered with graffiti and shops.

We finally make our way to the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall, and I was not prepared for what I was about to see.

Berlin Wall

Each wall was a huge mural for one artist. Each unique. Each beautifully done. Tim and I stroll down the East Side Gallery and thwarted our previous thoughts of cutting out early and checking out other spots of Berlin. We end up walking the entire gallery and are extremely happy we did. After about an hour of taking photos in front of different wall murals, we decide to take the tram to find this ‘big bench’.

We end up walking to a russian memorial instead. We end up running into some folks from Spain in which we ask them what song the drunk from the Pamplona -> San Sebastian bus was singing. I try my best impression of the “Troll lol lol lol Arsenal” chant, but I fail as I blocked it out of my mind..for a reason. After walking around for about an hour, we exit the memorial and run into a girl and finally get directions to this bench. We walk with her and carry a wonderful conversation about traveling and exploring. Then we finally see it. Grunge. Massive Graffiti. A BIG BENCH!

Berlin Bench

After exploring and relaxing for awhile on the bench, swing and grass covered cars, we decide to head off to our next adventure. We end up stumbling across a really cool playground which was obviously designed for children, but today…it was for us. It was a strange park. There were women in a chair that all it did was swivel. They had a rope line, a makeshift trampoline and some other random activities. Let me take all that back. It was the coolest park ever.

Berlin Park

Now we’ve been walking for quite some time so we decide to head back to the hostel to recuperate. We take some time to relax and end up going out for a little bit to get some pizza and drink some beer. After much exploring, we decide to take it easy as we have to catch a flight to Amsterdam in the morning time and want to be fresh and ready for our next upcoming adventure!

Date: 7/15/11
More photos to come…

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