Ryan Lum specializes in visual design, product design, UX design, and marketing.

Ryan Lum specializes in visual design, product design, UX design, and marketing. He enjoys simplifying complex problems by creating easy-to-use interfaces that people love and enjoy. Ryan is a multidisciplinary designer based in San Francisco, CA. Currently, he is a Product Designer at Hipmunk. In his free time, he enjoys traveling on occasion in his 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 camper van, Roamin’ Rosie.

Previously he worked with companies such as American Red Cross, Milgard, Honeywell, Narrative, Shocase, Venturocket, and more. He also started Creative Guerrilla Marketing, a leading blog on unconventional marketing strategy and has built a combined following of over 170,000 readers.

In a previous startup, he also co-founded a social media growth tool called Twibble.io which has several hundred paying customers and have helped over 30,000 users.

Finally, he also enjoys creating unique experiences in his community. He founded Forward Motion, a bucket listing organization, and has hosted several events such as the World’s First Pop-up Ballpit Bar, Massive Messy Twister and more. The World’s First Pop-up Ballpit Bar got national media attention from TIME, Comedy Central, Mashable, PSFK and more.

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San Francisco 32 Under 32
American Design Award

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...he is very talented with his creative skills, but he also has an entrepreneurial drive is very ambitious. It has been a lot of fun to work on some very creative things for our clients. Ryan is a valuable member of the creative and social media team. Moreover, has a great attitude about work and brings a lot of personality to the office.

Michael Weisfeld,Director of Social Media, BusinessOnline

Ryan joined us at Venturocket with a title that suggested design only (he was first “Lead Designer” and then “SVP Design”), but in fact he was so much more: design, marketing, branding, social media, blogging, anything and everything creative, not to mention his superlative people skills while attending conferences and demos with me.

Marc HoagCEO, Venturocket / Twibble

Ryan is a great designer. He produces intelligent design first and foremost, plus the aesthetics are always there. And he's got a fantastic attitude - making him a popular addition to our growing team. Ryan gets passionate about his creative design, and his ideas, which have led to consistently strong output. And have earned Ryan the respect of co-workers across the organization.

Jonah HillmanDirector of Strategy, BusinessOnline

Ryan is a design and development workhorse. The guy is creative, reliable and above all passionate about his work. As we worked together at BusinessOnline I witnessed his full talents on display. And whether he was designing websites, creating event marketing material, authoring brand style guides, or just reminiscing about guerrilla marketing campaigns Ryan's a digital Swiss army knife.

Jason MunskiOnline Marketing Strategist, BusinessOnline

Ryan is not only super smart, creative, hardworking and determined, he's also very fun to work with. His attitude toward work and life is inspiring and always keeps the culture of the office up. Ryan came to Narrative as our growth manager, and knocked it out of the park, growing our channels, followers and engagement to new numbers we'd never seen. He also has amazing design skills, so ended up taking on many projects to support our product and design team. This also was key when developing social and marketing campaigns - a huge asset to have on our team. Ryan is a true team player and really thrives on working with others, but at the same time can manage his own work load, put his head down and get it done. He's the kind of guy you want by your side, and I sure hope I get the opportunity to work with him again one day.

Corina StandifordU.S. Public Relations Director, Xero

He worked diligently at all times showing high capacity for creative and inventive solutions that generated out of the ordinary results. His well-crafted approach to growth and scaling allowed the entire company to surpass expectations in all of the growth metrics that his role touched on. At the same time his design skills and no-compromise mind set in creating online content became a driver for a lot of our community and content marketing efforts. I would highly recommend Ryan in any role where he can be free to unleash his creativity and capacity regarding marketing, growth and visual content.

Martin KällströmCEO, Narrative