7 Key Tips To Branding Success

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To me, branding is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of building a new company or growing your current company.

1) Keep it simple

In an age of information overload, less is definitely more. Simplicity has a tendency to withstand the test of time. If you want to growth with your brand, you need to make it something that is timeless. Keep it short, simple and clear.

2) Start with why

I remember watching a TED talk from Simon Sinek about inspiring others. Messaging should always reflect the essence of a company at its very soul. Begin my asking the most important question. Why are we doing this? If you believe in your cause, others will follow.

3) Consistency

You never see Coca-Cola on a background other than red (unless you’re cheering for the Boca Juniors). Starbucks is always in green. The consistency on ALL marketing material builds a strong brand image. It is crucial that a brand style guide is created that defines certain aspects of your brand such as: color, typography, images, spacing, messaging, etc.

4) Is it memorable?

The brand image and messaging should be unique. Is it easy to recognize and easy to recall. Does it stick? I’m sure if you saw a pair of golden yellow arches, you could tell me the brand associated with it and their 3 word slogan. Be unconventional.

5) Know your target

As seen in the infographic below, keep in mind who you are trying to speak to. If you’re selling classic cars, it would be more wise to create a brand that spoke to that certain age group and sex.

6) Have a voice

Don’t be generic. When someone interacts with your brand, they should feel something unique. Consumers often associate high-end car makers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz with prestige and class. Why? The way they present themselves say just that. Take notice of the kind of typography they use,colors and imagery.

7) Get Social

The newest tip comes from utilizing social media. Consumers expect that their favorite brands have great customer service and listen. When setting up your social media department, make sure they understand that it’s not a one-way communication. Engage the audience and they will respect you for that.

SMB Branding Infographic Clives Car 6 Keys to Branding Your Small Business [Infographic]

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