How To Survive Europe When All Your Stuff Gets Stolen

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Three friends set out on an adventure to enjoy the culture of Madrid, Spain, run with the bulls in Pamplona, enjoy the beach in San Sebastian, see the sights of Barcelona, enjoy the beer of Berlin, Germany and see the ‘sleaze’ of Amsterdam, Netherlands. All of this in only a couple days. We never would’ve expected the adventure and roller coaster that would be hands down the most memorable ‘vacation’ ever.

Follow the most insane 8 days of my life:

  1. Day 0 – Packing and preparing for the trip (San Diego 7/10/11)
  2. Day 1 – We Are In Madrid, Spain! (Madrid, Spain 7/11/11)
  3. Day 2 – Sh*t hits the fan…and it smells! (Madrid, Spain 7/12/11)
  4. Day 3 – Run for your life! (Pamplona, Spain 7/13/11)
  5. Day 3.5 – Ran with the Bulls, Off to the Beach (San Sebastian, Spain 7/13/11)
  6. Day 4- The Window of Hope (Barcelona, Spain 7/14/11)
  7. Day 4.5 – Sprechen Sie Englisch? (Berlin, Germany 7/14/11)
  8. Day 5 – A Street Artist’s Dream (Berlin, Germany 7/15/11)
  9. Day 6 – Missed Departure (Berlin, Germany 7/16/11)
  10. Day 7 – Red Lights and Window Tapping (Amsterdam, Netherlands 7/17/11)
  11. Day 8 – Leaving on a Jetplane (Amsterdam, Netherlands 7/18/11)
  12. Day 9 – Recovering (San Diego, California 7/19/11)
Feel free to also visit the blogs of Adina and Tim who also wrote about segments of this amazing trip!

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