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In Career Development

By Ryan Lum

The Bumps In The Road

On 08, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Career Development | By Ryan Lum

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

Well not a great start. I had a very long day at work today and a very busy week. Tomorrow it is time to buckle down. I started working on my cover letter the other day and I also refined my resume. What do you think?…who am I kidding, no one reads this silly blog ;)

I’ve been looking at other portfolio websites:

I think the greatest thing that I need to improve on is my portfolio. I know I can do a great job because I learn fast and am always improving.

I recently read on a company blog that:

The top 5 tips on how to land an internship in public relations

1. Follow Directions. Provide the requested materials in your application. We asked for a cover letter, resume and writing sample. That’s it. Pretty basic. Don’t send additional materials even if you think they are going to help you get your foot in the door. It will do the exact opposite.

2. You will be “Googled.” Before submitting an application or resume, search for yourself on Google. See what comes up. You may want to edit a few things, but remember, what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet.

3. Use Social Media tools. List your LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, Facebook page (if public) and any other resources you would like to share to demonstrate the quality of your network, experience and knowledge of social media. Be sure these profiles are up-to-date and appropriate for a hiring manager to review. We don’t want to read that you’re the champion of beer guzzling for your fraternity or see pictures of you doing questionable things with your friends. If it’s not something you want to share, make it private.

4. No stalking allowed. Don’t call, email, Facebook or stalk if the hiring notice says, “No calls or emails. Really.” Reference #1. Follow directions. Calling me repeatedly or friending me on Facebook is a sure fire way to not get the job.

5. Do your research. Come prepared to discuss the clients we work with and some current work we’ve showcased on our site/blog. I want to know that you did your homework and that you at least know the types of clients the agency is working on.

Well.. lets get to it!

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